Marine Projects

Ring Alignment2

Missile Tube Ring
Alignment Fixture

inser tool

Missile Tube Ring
Insertion Tool

tube ring

Missile Tube Ring
Lifting Fixture

Critical Alignment for
Manufacture and
Installation of Submarine
Mounted Missile Tubes.

Submarine Maintenance Platforms

Fast Deployment Maintenance
Platforms and Missile Tube Stands
manufactured & delivered ahead
of schedule.

DOT Quiet Pile Prototypes

The Washington State Department of Transportation provided long chunks
of construction tubing for the piles themselves.

The UW and WSDOT recently put together a symposium on the new quiet
pile technology, where they discussed the results with hundreds people
involved in the marine construction industry. After meeting with the major
players, this could be adapted as mainstream technology in the near future.

NAVAIR Drone Retrieval System

Technical support for Drone Catcher project.

Flow Indicators

Pump Calibration for US Navy ship
based water pumping systems.

Additional Marine Projects

Submarine Missile Tube Maintenance Systems

Custom Toe Jacks

Equipment moving and alignment

PPG Custom Sealing Equipment

Pneumatically driven vessel sealant application system

Aluminum Stair Tread

Custom extrusion for ship construction

Custom Gaskets

Tube Access Platform & covers

Fast deployment missile tube access cages manufactured & delivered ahead of schedule.