Industrial Projects

Product Procurement & Customization

Product procurement and customization for US Navy PSNS-IMF PDQ.

Oil well facility elevated office scissor lift

Provide complete engineering Analysis of the 15 ton scissor lift system including dynamic reactions. wind loading, seismic loading. Provide finite element analysis and dynamics loads from scissor motion.

100 ton double girder crane system

Provide engineering analysis and finite element analysis of complete structural system including seismic and other dynamic analysis.

Aluminum ingot lift system

Provide complete engineering design and engineering analysis of lift system. Design of custom manipulators and actuators within lift system.

Assembly scissor lift

Modified scissor lift system for US Navy application.

Chassis lift and rotation system

System used to provide all around welding and assembly access to the chassis. Electro-Hydraulic positioning system. Provided engineering analysis utilizing finite element analysis and industry standard engineering calculations.

Truck & trailer side curtain roller systems

Developed tractor trailer side curtain roller system.

Customized 10 ton toe jack for equipment maintenance

Custom metal pallets

Hydraulic test cylinder

Specialized racking system utilizing COTs hardware

Forge Billet Manipulator

Design – Build Project

JLI developed a 3,000 lb. forge billet manipulator.


Custom brackets and equipment support fixtures.

Scissor Lift & Pallets

Project specific modified steel pallet. Project specific modified scissor lift.